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Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences



Dean: Prof Elsabé (AE) Loots
Secretary: Me Marlené Stroebel
Dean's Office Staff
Administrative Manager: Prof Fanus (SJ) van der Merwe
Administrative Assistant: Me Judie (JM) Coetzee
Translator:                                          Me Cecilé van Zyl                   
Administrative Officer:                     Me Melanie Roodt
Research Focus Unit :  Business and Management Sciences
Director: Prof Jaco Pienaar
Secretary: Me Louise Jansen van Rensburg
                                                             Senior Admin Assistent:        Me Mariana Kleynhans
Directors for Schools and Programme leaders :
  School of Economics
Director: Prof Wilma Viviers
Programme:  International Trade Dr  Marianne Matthee
Programme:  Risk Management Prof Paul Styger
Programme:  Economics Prof Waldo (WF) Krugell
Research: Prof Andrea Saayman
School of Business Management
Director: Prof Renier (LR) Jansen van Rensburg
Programme:  Entrepreneurship Prof Japie Kroon
Programme:  Marketing Dr Orpha Lotz
Programme:  Tourism Management Prof Elmarie Slabbert
                      Niche Area Prof Melville Saayman 

Prof Pierré (PG) Mostert

School of Human Resources Sciences  
Director: Prof Jan (JC) Visagie
Programme: Industrial Sociology: Labour Relations Dr Herman (HM) Linde
Programme:  Industrial Psychology Mr Gerhard (GH) Rabie
Research: Prof Karina Mostert
School of Accounting Sciences  
Director: Prof Susan (SS) Visser
Programme: Chartered Accountancy Training: Prof Jaco Fouche
Programme: Management Accountancy Training Mnr Jaco ( RJJ) Barnard
Programme: Financial Accountancy Training Prof Berrie  (AA) Stoop
Programme:  Forensic Accountancy Training Prof Jan (JD) van Romburgh
Programme: Tax Training Prof Cicélia Potgieter
Research:  Prof Pieter Buys 
Potchefstroom Business School  
Click here to visit the PBS website
Director: Prof TE du Plessis
Programme:  MBA Training Prof CA Bisschoff
Prof RA Lotriet
Programme:  Fundamental Management Prof CA Bisschoff
Ms EM Scholtz
Programme:  Middle Management Programme: Prof I Nel

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