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School of Communication Studies


Welcome to the School of Communication

The School of Communication Studies creates the ideal environment for creative exploration for those that have an interest in the following subject groups or fields: Communication Science, Graphic Design and History of Art. 

In this school there is more than printer's ink, deadlines, reports, pictures and reasonings. The purpose of programmes in the School of Communication Studies is to train professional practitioners that are able to apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Within the school there is room for you to give expression to your creativity and where you may learn how to communicate professionally in the corporate and developmental environments, whether the communication is visual, in print, digital or verbal.

Competent and highly dedicated lecturers will help you gain a good balance between theory and practice-based training on a campus with good infrastructure, on a tranquil campus with an exciting student life.

All the fields of study within this school are practice and/or research based and provide opportunities for post-graduate studies.

Latest News

Please send all correspondence to the following address:

The Director
School of Communication Studies
Private Bag X6001
North-West University

Important telephone numbers and
e-mail addresses:

  • Mrs Corlé Conradie
    Secretary of the Director: Communication Studies
    +27 18 299 1642
    Fax: +27 18 299 1651
    E-mail: corle.conradie@nwu.ac.za

  • Ms Zita Kyster
    Secretary: History of Art and Graphic Design
    +27 18 299 4091
    Fax: +27 18 299 4097
    E-mail: zita.kyster@nwu.ac.za

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