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Skool vir Musiek


It is the aim of the School of Music to function effectively within the university and to maintain the Christian character of the university in the life and work of its staff members and students.

As the only full-fledged school in the arts, the School of Music further aims to:

  • cultivate performing and creative arts and musicology of the highest standard;
  • accordingly provide instruction in these disciplines;
  • undertake musicological research of the highest standard;
  • promote the arts in general on campus;
  • make a constructive contribution to music in the community.

There has been a steady increase in enrollment the past 5 years. Currently about 80 undergraduate and 20 graduate students are enrolled for music study. With a teaching staff of 18, this results in a favourable student-lecturer ratio of 5,5:1.

Music instruction is given in piano, organ, vocal studies, strings and woodwind instruments. The study of a second instrument is not compulsory, but students can receive instruction in an extra instrument by enrolling as a Conservatory student.



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Kontak ons:

  • Skool vir Musiek
    Privaatsak X6001
    Potchefstroom 2520
  • H/v Thabo Mbeki en Meyerstraat
  • Tel. +27 18 299 1692/9
  • Faks. +27 18 299 1707
  • music@puk.ac.za
  • Roetekaart

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