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Telkom Centre of Excellence


Modelling Applications in Telecommunication Systems (MATS)

The Telkom Centre of Excellence was established in 1998 as a joint venture of the industry partners Telkom and Grintek Telecom, THRIP, the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education  and the University of Northwest. The first phase of the project ended in 2002 and the second phase of the project  was started in 2003.

The main objective of the project is to concentrate on modelling skills that are relevant to applications in telecommunication systems. These modelling skills centre around mathematical and computer based decision support systems.

During the first phase of the project much of the work involved the building of research capacity at the Potchefstroom University and the University of Nortwest. After the merging of the two universities in January 2004 the project will continue with its work at both campuses.

The project leader at the Potchefstroom Campus is Prof JM (Giel) Hattingh. He is assisted by Ms K (Klaasje) Benadie, Ms HP (Tienie) Buys and project leaders for the various subprojects. 








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