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 School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

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Natural Sciences, Mathe-
matics and Technology

 Contact details:
 Prof. Piet Pretorius
 0027 (18) 299 2309


 Contact details:
 Prof. Henning Krieg
 0027 (18) 299 2343

 Contact details:  
 Prof. Stefan Ferreira 
 0027 (18) 299 2402

Contact details:
Dr. Sello Rapule
0027 (18) 299 2415


grys baseline
From the School Director

School Director: Christien Strydom

Prof. Christien Strydom

The School of Physical and Chemical Sciences (SPCS)
provides relevant, value-driven training which prepare
students for the industry. The School's expertise is divided
into four subject  groups namely Biochemistry, Chemistry,
Physics and Science, Mathematics and Technology Education.

The collaboration of these four disciplines under one
umbrella constitutes a well-rounded structure for multi-
disciplined training and innovative, world class research. The
compilation of the Honours courses serves as a challenging
programme where students are prepared for post graduate
studies and they are exposed to research methodology
within the different subject groups of the SPCS at the NWU.

Expose yourself to modern research technology and
innovative research techniques.
Learn from the best.
Train at the School of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the
NWU's Potchefstroom Campus.

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