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grys baseline
Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional Planning

B. Art et B.Sc in Beplanning  


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The growing South African population and fast urbanisation are offering the town and regional planner an opportunity to play a role in the development of affordable housing and effective infrastructure. The need and obligation to preserve historical and natural environments has become an important component of urban and rural development. Town and regional planners can work in different environments and come into contact with a variety of other subjects. The working environment can be a property developer, a provincial or municipal planning department, a private consultant and many others. Many of our qualified students are finding jobs as planners overseas. Urban and regional planners can also work at an academic institution which is directed at research and training, or they can start their own practices. Because of the lacking urban infrastructure and the demand for economic development in South Africa, there will always be work for urban and regional planners who are prepared to work hard.



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