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Session Chair: Riaan Steenkamp (UNAM)

Comments on Organisation (Okkie de Jager)
Official Welcome (Lazarus Hangula or his Delegate from UNAM)
The H.E.S.S. Experiment
The making of H.E.S.S. (G. Fontaine)
First physics with H.E.S.S. (C. Masterson)
11:00  Coffee break
Artist's impression of the million solar mass black hole in the center of our galaxy showing matter spiralling into the center, resulting in the formation of a jet due to a dynamo effect. Courtesy of the Chandra X-ray Observatory's X-ray Astronomy Field Guide. The gamma-rays from Sagittarius A* as seen by H.E.S.S. may origininate near the event horizon of this supermassive black hole, as explained by Aharonian and Neronov.
 Physics Overview

Session Chair: Paula Chadwick (University of Durham)

11:40 High energy gamma ray sources: Present and future challenges (J. Silk)
12:30 Science and Technology in Namibia (A. van Kent)
12:45  Lunch
 Partners of H.E.S.S. observing the Southern Sky

 Session Chair: Michael Punch (PCC Collège de France)

Fishing for neutrinos Science, technology and politics (U. Katz)
Designing and building the world's largest cosmic-ray experiment (A. Watson)
15:40 Coffee break

Session Chair: Werner Hofmann (MPIK)


The Square Kilometer Array radio telescope in South Africa (J. Jonas)


The Status of SALT (D. Buckley)



Monday 27 September 2004
Inauguration workshop


Skymap of gamma-rays from the center of our galaxy (called Sagittarius A*) as seen by H.E.S.S. with arcminute resolution. Prepared by Jim Hinton for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration. To appear in Astronomy & Astrophysics (2004).
Namibia, 27 September - 2 October 2004