The Art of J.J. (Koos) van Ellinckhuijzen

H.E.S.S. members Okkie de Jager (South Africa) and Riaan Steenkamp (Namibia) review the significant contributions of
Koos van Ellinckhuijzen to Art and Philately. A selection of his artwork on stamps are shown here.


Before the construction of the telescopes on the Namibian Khomas Highland started, Riaan Steenkamp discussed the design of the miniature sheet and cover with Koos. The miniature sheet depicts the anticipated four telescopes, now successfully completed, with the Gamsberg on the background. The stamp represents N$11.00 in value. Correctly used H.E.S.S. stamps on commercial envelopes are considered to be scarce. Issued by the Namib Stamp Centre and signed by the artist on the first day of issue.
Whereas H.E.S.S. was successful in detecting very high energy gamma-rays from various types of cosmic sources, the search for micro quasars still continue. Koos’ design of such a micro quasar, inspired by the best physics knowledge of such a system, is illustrated by the red gaint star, transmitting matter in the form of a accretion disk around a point-like black hole. Jets of energetic matter and magnetic fields stream perpendicular to the disk into outer space.
The Return of Halley’s Comet (Ciskei, 20 March 1986)
The Solar System on 2nd Definitive Series (Ciskei, 1 August 1991)