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Journal of literary criticism comparative linguistics and literary studies

Background and  admission

Literator is a journal of national and comparative linguistics and literature. In other words, it publishes research articles on specific languages and specific literatures (like Afrikaans, English or Tswana), but also articles that compare different languages and literatures and other cultural phenomena across language and cultural boundaries (e.g. different manifestations of Post-modernism, the interaction between visual arts and literature, the representation of the Anglo-Boer War in literature, nick-names among students, language attitudes and language policy). The tables of contents give an indication of the rich variety of topics that are accommodated. The journal is indexed in the MLA Bibliography and in the Repertory of South African Journals (RSAT).

Literator aims to make a contribution to the study if languages and literatures and to stimulate a high level of research and debate on this unique area.

The Litera section of Literator is one of the few channels for the publication of creative writing in South Africa. Through this section Literator promotes creative writing and literature in general. Since 1998 two cash prizes, the Litera Prizes, are awarded each year for the best contributions by an established and by a writer making his/her debut.

Literator was been accredited as a research journal since 1998 and is published by the Literator Society of South Africa. The Bureau of Scholarly Journals is responsible for the administration and editorial work of the journal. The Editorial Board pursues an independent editorial policy.

Articles and creative contributions are welcome and should conform to the Stylesheet or the guidelines for Litera. Please send all contributions and correspondence to


Bureau of Scholarly Journals (251),

Private Bag X6001,



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