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New Bakgat film’s scenes filmed on the campus

During the past week the Potchefstroom Campus was home to a film team that resided here to film scenes for the flick Bakgat.
  As in the previous Bakgat flick, Ivan Botha is once more in one of the leading roles – that of Wimpie Koekemoer the rugby player.
  Amongst others, scenes were filmed at Piet Malan Building, the Fanie du Toit Sports Grounds, in Loverslane, in front of the main building and at Caput Men’s Hostel.
  Cherie van der Merwe is the other leading character (Katrien) in the flick and then there is also Mister van Vuuren, rugby coach, the team male nurse Hermanus Sterk and other rugby players such as Killer Botha.
  In the previous flick Wimpie was still at school. Now he is at university and member of the u/21 rugby team. Several Puk students were harnessed, amongst other things, to act as support groups alongside the rugby field.
  According to Lucia Meyer, co-producer and production manager, the new flick will probably be released early next year.
  The producer is Danie Bester and Henk Pretorius is the director and script writer.


Wimpie Koekemoer (Ivan Botha) lied to his mother
and now disappears as quickly as possible …


The camera team of Bakgat 2 filmed scenes
in front of the main building on Friday (17 July).




  Wimpie Koekemoer (Ivan Botha) and Katrien (Cherie van der Merwe).



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