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Mechanical Engineering once more employed to the benefit of SA

The Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University (NWU) has once more provided a first after the School of Mechanical Engineering was chosen to start a Centre for Advanced Manufacturing in South Africa.
  The good news comes after the Department of Trade and Industry approached the NWU and appointed it to establish the centre officially – the first of its kind country-wide.
“The fact that the Department chose NWU to establish the Centre confirms the University’s abilities and reliability in this field,” Prof. LG Grobler from Mechanical Engineering said.
Prof Grobler

Prof. LJ Grobler.

The Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CFAM) at the School of Mechanical Engineering was instigated nine years ago with the initiative of Prof Grobler and Mr. Danie Vorster. Today, the CFAM functions as an independent business unit on the Potchefstroom Campus.
  What was initially started as an experimental exercise in the development of an extruder for food manufacturing, now provides a variety of services to the extrusion and mining industry.
  The opinion is held that this innovation and drive has paved the way and saw to it that the project is now acknowledged by the Department.
  The Department‘s planned Centre forms part of its plans of furthering its objective that is aimed at, amongst other things, promoting more economic growth and job creation.
  Among the other most important objectives contained in the business plan entail the target  of promoting the competitive advantage of manufacturing in South Africa to be able to compete world-wide.
  Yet another objective is to develop economically advanced commercial manufacturing activities in cooperation with engineering services and other sectors to eventually encourage previously disadvantaged people’s participation.
  Besides, the opinion is that this initiative will make a further contribution to the manufacturing industry by informing scholars and making them excited about manufacturing and by bringing bring about supporting cooperation between industries, education and training institutions, and the government.
  Hence the Faculty of Engineering plays an important role in the progress of manufacturing in South Africa which, in turn, makes an important contribution to profits, job creation and economic growth.
  Prof. Grobler envisaged an established centre which can reach the of the [-1]leading commercial technological research and development for the specialised manufacturing industry in the country within five years.

  • The Potchefstroom Campus is already home to a creation laboratory (FabLab) which is also supported by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Furthermore, Prof. Grobler and the School of Mechanical Engineering have often been made news with the unique power flashes on television that encourage the population to use electricity sparingly country-wide.




Prof. LJ Grobler, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing (CFAM)
Prof. Grobler in the Centre
for Advanced Manufacturing.



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