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Honours B.Sc. Programme in Pharmacology:
Pharmacological Principles of Drug Therapy


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Post Graduate Studies (Hons. BSc. Pharmacology)
Private Bag X6001
Potchefstroom Campus
North-West University
2520 Potchefstroom
Republic of South Africa

Mrs Corrie Strydom 


 Mrs Corrie Strydom (student advisor) 
 Tel: +27 (18) 299 2260
 (during office hours from 08h00 - 16h30 (GMT +02:00) 
 Fax: +27 (18) 293 5367
 Webform: [link]


You may also contact:

  • Programme Manager of the Hons. B.Sc. Programme in Pharmacology: Prof CB Brink
  • Director of the School of Pharmacy: Prof AF Kotze

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