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School of Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences


Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling

The three main functions are:

  • Training of intern psychologists (Clinical as well as Counselling) in the I.P.C. and Witrand Hospital;
  • Research, especially in terms of the Tomatis method, and research relating to the enhancement of psychological well-being;
  • Service to the student community and general public within the context of a section 54a company, known as Du Plessis and Kirsten incorporated.

Target Market

 Children, teenagers and adults from the student community and general public.

Service Delivery

Nature of service delivery:  A multi-disciplinary, team-oriented approach.

Forms of Service Delivery

  1. General clinical services:
    Play therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy, marriage guidance and counselling
  2. Specialised services: 
  • Psychological services:  psychological and neuropsychological assessments;

  • Speech therapy and audiological services:  consultations in respect of speech-, hearing- and language development disorders between gr. i and xii;

  • Psychiatric consultations: a visiting psychiatrist diagnosis and prescribes medication for psycological or psychiatric problems;

  • The Tomatis method of sensory-neural integration training and therapeutic support:  the function of active listening is regarded as the basis for communication and learning. For that reason, the various techniques of this approach are applied to improve listening- and communication problems underlying a wide variety of related dysfunctions and potential problem areas. Likewise, psychological well-being can be improved over a wide spectrum of problem areas associated with perinatal complications, emotional-, learning–, behaviour- and relationship problems. Performing artists, such as musicians, actors and vocalists can also benefit significantly from this type of intervention.


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