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Carel F.C. (Callie) Coetzee  (B.A., Th. M. Th.D (Systematic Theology); Professor in Dogmatics and Church – and Dogma history since 2003.

Specializes in research on Reformed Confessions, The relationship between church and state and the works of Calvin in the field of Dogmatics; also on Church – and Dogma history with emphasis on the development of the creeds, the history of the Reformation and the history of the Reformed churches in South Africa. Teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

E-mail: callie.coetzee@nwu.ac.za
Fax nr 27 18 –294-8952
Tel nr 27 18- 2991596 (w)
Tel nr 27 18 – 293 2639 (h)

Author  of  11  research articles, three books, each containing sermons on specific themes (the liturgical worship, the church, the prophet  Habakuk), more than  60  popular-scientific articles in Church and University publications.

Promotor of two doctoral candidates who are still busy with their theses, co-promotor for one doctoral thesis (completed), and study leader for three master’s candidates.

Current and past positions in professional associations : Assistant-secretary of three consecutive synods of the Reformed churches in South Africa, Delegate to the REC, Deputies for the role of women in the Church, Christian higher education, Church publications, Ecumenic affairs, Interdenominational council and discussions on church unity with the Dutch Reformed – , N H – and A P Churches, Doctrinal issues, Member  of the curators of the Hammanskraal – and Potchefstroom Theological Seminary, coordinator of the B A Honns program.

Member of IRTI  (International Reformed Theological Institute).

Two papers at international conferences.


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